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Pool Surrounds, Patios & Outdoor Spaces

Tile and grout, natural stone, terrazzo and concrete can all make for appealing exteriors and outdoor spaces at home, in the workplace, or as a property amenity. But let’s face it – when the sun gets too strong, that beautiful breeze too windy, or it starts raining cats and dogs – you can get in out of the weather, but your exterior spaces cannot. Outdoor facades, walkways, patios, pool surrounds and other outdoor spaces must face wind and rain, temperature changes, pollution, and just plain ol’ accumulated grit and grime. That’s where What A Shine! comes in. Our expert technicians are experienced in restoring the beauty of your outdoor surfaces, as well as ways to protect from and minimize future damage.

Cleaning & Sealing

Fallen leaves, muddy run-off from lots of rain, mold and mildew excited by high humidity – who wants to run around barefoot on that? What A Shine! can return your outdoor surfaces to pristine condition, then seal them as appropriate to the surface type to help minimize excessive moisture absorption and buy some time for you to clean up spills before they turn into stains.

Stain Removal

Inside your house you probably take all sorts of steps to minimize spills and protect from stains from house rules about where food and drink is allowed, to coasters, to sippy cups. Policing the outdoor spaces can be a little more difficult. After all, Mother Nature follows no house rules but her own, and the local wildlife is just not into sippy cups. Consequently, stains happen, particularly on porous or unsealed surfaces. Fortunately, What A Shine! can resolve most stains to your satisfaction.


That cloudy film or powdery residue that’s marring the appearance of your beautiful outdoor spaces could be efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused by moisture drawing mineral salts from or through your surface material and then evaporating, leaving salt deposits behind. What A Shine! has the specialized knowledge to address and resolve your efflorescence issues.

Crack & Chip Repair

Extreme changes in temperature, shifting of the supporting structure, and rough wear can create chips and cracks in your outdoor surfaces. Missing or damaged tiles or pavers not only diminish the appearance of your patios and walkways, but they could actually affect the entire structure. We can repair or replace loose or broken pavers and reset sunken or dipped pavers so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Our proven repair methods expertly fill chips, cracks and holes and then hone these spots, returning them to their original condition. We also take pride in protecting the surrounding work area, including your landscaping, fencing and outdoor environment.


Did your end of summer blow out barbeque leave you without the energy to scrape off the summer’s grilling residue? We’ve all been there. In fact, What A Shine! goes there all the time! We’ve never met a grill we couldn’t clean. Go ahead and enjoy a book and an umbrella drink by the pool while we take care of that for you. You’ll be up and barbequing in no time.

Your pool decks and patios, outdoor kitchen areas and more deserve the same care and attention as the fine surfaces under your roof. What A Shine! is here to help you keep you exterior living spaces in the same great condition as your interior ones.

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