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Hotel and Resort Cleaning and Maintenance Services | Dallas TX

First impressions matter, especially in the hospitality industry.

When guests enter and move about a hotel or resort, they subconsciously decide how they feel about their surroundings almost immediately, and this is heavily based on the appearance of the floors and surfaces. Once an opinion is formed, it can be difficult to change. Carefully maintained floors and surfaces exude a high standard of excellence to guests and employees. What A Shine! provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for hotel and resort properties, from deep cleaning and grout color sealing guest room bathroom tile to cleaning and extracting upholstery and carpeting in hallways and banquet rooms and more. The services we provide, whether independently or in coordination with the hotel/resorts housekeeping department, include:

Our services include daily, weekly and monthly tailor-made service options. We can work during your least-busy hours for minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Cleaning of Public Areas

Although many hotels and resorts have designated personnel for cleaning public areas, outsourcing to properly trained and equipped cleaning professionals can alleviate unique housekeeping challenges. The team of highly qualified technicians at What A Shine! can work closely with housekeeping managers, property managers, or owners to take on tasks that do not fall within the scope of regular housekeeping duties and achieve results not possible with normal cleaning methods. Our knowledgable technicians are incredibly thorough and detailed and know how to leave the floors and surfaces in public areas incredibly fresh, clean, and elegant.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Hotels and resorts are well-trafficked, so hard surface floors are prone to signs of wear, such as dullness, scratching, stains, and damage, even with regular cleaning. What A Shine! provides a wide range of services to resolve such problems and meet your ongoing needs, from deep cleaning, precision repair, and exceptional restoration services to customized, regularly scheduled maintenance services. Whether you need your marble floor polished, tile and grout cleaned and sealed, or terrazzo honed and polished, you can count on us to achieve fantastic results, because we specialize in floor care for the hospitality industry. We provide cleaning, maintenance and restoration services for nearly every type of hard surface flooring, including ceramic/porcelain tile and grout, Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), and natural stone such as granite, limestone, and marble. We have the expertise to get any job done to complete satisfaction.

Pool and Patio Area Care

Pool and patio areas can be especially challenging to maintain because of wind and rain, temperature changes, grit, grime, and pollution. Plus, there are other substances that can cause problems, such as sunblock or tanning oils, food and drink spills, pool chemicals, and the like. If your facility is pet friendly, urine stains may be an issue. Sprinkler systems may leave hard water deposits. Mold and mildew can be a problem when humidity is high. Chips and cracks can appear with extreme temperature fluctuations. Efflorescence is a cloudy film or powdery residue caused by moisture drawing mineral salts from or through your surface materials and then evaporating, leaving salt deposits behind. At What A Shine!, we have the specialized knowledge to address and, in most cases, resolve all of these issues. Learn more…

Deep Cleaning Carpet

We provide high-quality carpet cleaning services for hotels and resorts. Our detail-oriented, highly skilled technicians are equipped to handle acres of carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning removes dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants, and even deeply embedded contaminants from hotel and resort carpeting. Our carpet care services include odor control treatments, protective treatments, spot removal, and more. Hotels and resorts that contract with us have beautiful, sanitary carpets.

Our total carpet care system allows improved cleaning of carpeted areas while minimizing dry times. Services are offered on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning cycle. For high traffic areas, we offer a carpet maintenance program that includes the cleaning of walk off matts with an encapsulation dry process. Learn more…

Pressure Washing

From balcony decks and patios to sidewalks, play equipment, and fences, pressure washing is a great way to get keep hotel and resort exteriors looking clean and inviting. High traffic areas, such as exterior hotel entrances, loading docks, and garbage waste dumpster areas, demand a consistent cleaning plan. Exterior surfaces tend to accumulate bugs, weeds, mold and mildew, dirt, grime, spots, stains, and contaminants faster than interior surfaces. Not only are unkept surfaces unsightly, but some contaminants can actually cause damage. Don’t task your regular housekeeping staff with cumbersome and time-consuming tasks like removing gum from a sidewalk or bird droppings from an outdoor seating area. Professional pressure washing services by What A Shine! can safely, effectively, and quickly restore a pristine appearance to exterior surfaces. We offer one time, quarterly and annual cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Restrooms

We utilize the best products and most appropriate procedures for cleaning and disinfecting public restrooms, including touchless cleaning equipment processes. Our highly trained technicians leave restrooms clean and fresh with no cross contamination from the cleaning process. We specialize in tile and grout cleanliness and make sure every surface in restrooms is maintained at the highest of cleanliness standards.

Fitness Areas

The importance of cleanliness and sanitation in fitness areas is paramount to hotel guests. Our services include daily and weekly cleaning and disinfecting of all fitness center surfaces, including equipment, fixtures, and glass.