Natural Stone

Natural Stone Restoration, Dallas/Ft Worth

Expert Restoration of Natural Stone

Here’s what you can expect when you contract with us on stone restoration projects.

The unique requirements of every stone must be taken into account and discussed in evaluating the aesthetic benefits of stone restoration and preservation. Not every stone is a candidate for restoration. This can be only determined by performing a stone evaluation by an experienced professional. We have this knowledge!

WHAT A SHINE! offers a special stone evaluation to review your specific needs. During our visit you will learn more about stone restoration and maintenance as well as the skills and experiences of our professional technicians. We will answer your questions relating to your stone care needs on the spot.

As a result of our professional analysis, we will make repair and restoration recommendations, which may include cleaning, stripping, grinding, honing, polishing, sealing and protecting, stain removal, scratch removal, re-caulking, re-grouting, hole repair, chip repair, crack repair, and other services.

We make it a point to guide all of our clients on maintenance procedures specifically designed for your type of stone. We sell and distribute high quality stone care products and offer guidance on how to use these products properly to get the best possible results. In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance services so that you can avoid the trouble of periodic restoration and keep even the most high-traffic floors and countertops looking great all the time.

Every job is an important one. Please take a moment to review the procedures we follow for every project we undertake…

Before every stone restoration job

Here is what you can expect on every on-site evaluation and estimate.

You get a thorough evaluation of your stone’s pre-existing condition (previous installation and quarry issues) and current condition (traffic and maintenance). Based on our analysis, you get an explanation of the solution that fits your specific situation and any alternatives, should they exist.

You get a detailed written proposal, broken down by area and describing the necessary work. This will provide you with the basis for your investment. You get honest pricing (no hidden costs or gimmicks). Everything is spelled out so that you will know exactly how much your investment will be. You get to know about any limitations that may affect the final appearance of your stone. You get to know about the future maintenance for your stone.

Once you approve the job, we will coordinate a job date that fits your schedule and our booking situation. We will provide written guidelines explaining how you should prepare for the job date. You’ll get peace of mind, knowing that you are in the hands of a professional company which values your time and appreciates the value of your precious belongings.

On the job

Consideration and quality outcomes.

We start every job by showing up exactly on time, which gives you piece of mind and minimizes inconvenience…

Our technicians will do a walk through with you prior to the start of the job. This will cover any pre-existing conditions in the stone and/or things that are not related to the stone, such as adjacent surface conditions, special requirements, etc. Since our work involves water and chemicals, we take tremendous efforts to protect the adjacent surfaces where they relate to your job. Baseboards, walls, cabinets, furniture, carpet, etc. are covered and masked to protect them from any liquid spills or splashes. You’ll be delighted when you see the working area. Our employees are very neat and clean in their work and are extremely careful when they work on your property. They protect and keep their work station clean and neat. 

We will take the time to explain how we are proceeding during the different phases of the work. If your job takes more than one day, you will be advised what you can expect to be done each day and how to prepare for that day’s work.

We deliver what we promised and what we agreed to do in our Service Agreement. You will have no aggravation or surprises. There will be no price increase unless you want to do additional work.

Beside the fact that we evaluate each job and submit a written proposal to you, we also supervise our technicians during the work to ensure high quality results. Although we trust our employees to do an excellent job, our supervisor regularly checks on them to be sure that everything is being done correctly.