Residential Floor and Surface Care

First impressions matter. Carefully cleaned and maintained floors and surfaces help make your home environment inviting to you and your family, and welcoming to guests. What A Shine! specializes in residential floor and surface care for kitchens, baths, and every room in your home, including exterior living spaces, pool and patio areas, and outdoor kitchens.

Natural Stone Honing and Polishing

Dirty, dull or otherwise damaged natural stone floors and surfaces reflect poorly on your business. Your natural stone can become dull, scratched, stained, or damaged even if you have a regular cleaning service. When this happens, it’s time to call the professionals at What A Shine! to resolve these problems. We provide a wide range of services, including deep cleaning, precision repair, and exceptional restoration services. Whether you need your marble floor refinished, granite kitchen countertops cleaned and sealed, or tile and grout deep cleaned and color sealed, you can count on us to achieve fantastic results.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning can be challenging. Sometimes sweeping, mopping, and even scrubbing will not produce the desired results. What A Shine! specializes in tile and grout cleaning, and our professional deep cleaning equipment can achieve fantastic results compared to regular cleaning methods. Our highly trained technicians extract deeply embedded dirt and grime, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your tile, grout, and baseboards. We use nonabrasive yet effective methods for a deep-down clean. We also provide clear sealing services to help make regular cleaning easier and more productive.

Grout Color Sealing

If your grout has permanent stains, a blotchy appearance, or discolorations due to problems in the grout curing process or traffic patterns, grout color sealing may be the solution you are looking for. With our grout color sealing services, we can match your existing color, or we can change the color of your grout to any color you want and give your floors a completely different look. Plus, color sealing actually prevents staining, a very common grout problem. With constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides, your grout stays cleaner and healthier than unsealed or clear sealed grout.

Hardscape Cleaning and Care

Hardscape can be especially challenging to maintain because of wind and rain, temperature changes, grit, grime, and pollution. If you have pets, urine stains may be an issue. Sprinkler systems may leave hard water deposits. Mold and mildew can be a problem when humidity is high. Chips and cracks can appear with extreme temperature fluctuations. Efflorescence is a cloudy film or powdery residue caused by moisture drawing mineral salts from or through your surface materials and then evaporating, leaving salt deposits behind. We have the specialized knowledge to address and, in most cases, resolve all of these hardscape issues. We also offer professional pressure washing services. This is a safe and effective way to remove bugs, weeds, mold and mildew, dirt, grime, spots, stains, and contaminants that accumulate on hardscape and quickly restore a pristine appearance to your exterior surfaces.